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About Renouf
Established in 1888, Renouf has evolved into North America's leading distributor of governmental and international reports and documents as well as selected publications that focus on providing solutions to improving the economic and social well-being of people around the world. For over forty years the company has been assisting librarians and researchers in the academic, government, NGO and corporate sectors to locate publications in their fields of interest.

Renouf services all the print publications available through its partners and remains committed to providing service on their priced publications. Today, many of the organizations are printing fewer publications and are moving towards having their titles available online. Renouf has been servicing their electronic publications since their inception and is currently working with library consortiums throughout North America.
The Renouf advantage:
  • Knowledgeable customer-service representatives who are up-to-date on the newest releases and ready to assist you in your search for hard to locate reports.
  • Dependable service that you can count on. The company is committed to provide the best service possible and this has been one of the main reasons for its growth and stability over the years.
  • Renouf services all the products available from its partners and is capable of handling both your standing orders and subscriptions.
  • Renouf remains at the forefront of all the new products coming available. Through its close working relationship with its partners, it is in a position to assist qualifying libraries in obtaining online products that fits both their needs and budget.
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