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Europe 4.0
Addressing the Digital Dilemma

by Mary Hallward-Driemeier, Gaurav Nayyar, Wolfgang Fengler, Anwar Aridi, and Indermit Gill
ISBN 9781464816741
Code: #211674

Publication year: 2023

Cdn: $70.50; US: $48.50
Language: English
180 pages
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Due in February 2023.

With digital transformation accelerating, can everyone, everywhere, benefit? A first step is to recognize how the underlying dynamics—and economic impacts—differ across types of digital technologies. New evidence reveals that Europe, given its current performance with digital technologies, faces a dilemma if the continent wants to achieve its triple objective of competitiveness, inclusion, and convergence. The technologies help European firms using them become more competitive. However, the technologies in which European firms' performance is strongest (e.g., smart robotics) are also those that concentrate activities in larger firms and leading regions. Conversely, European firms have lower rates of both creation and take-up for those technologies with the greatest potential opportunities for smaller firms and lagging regions (e.g., platforms or cloud computing). The COVID-19 pandemic is reinforcing the urgency of addressing this dilemma.

Europe 4.0: Addressing the Digital Dilemma builds on two previous World Bank reports—Golden Growth and Growing United—that focused on Europe's convergence machine and new sources of stress facing the continent. This latest volume provides a framework for, evidence on, and recommendations regarding how to attain a dynamic and inclusive digital economy. Europe 4.0 is possible—and Europe should take the chance.
Europe 4.0
Cdn: $70.50; US: $48.50
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