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The Long Shadow of Informality
Challenges and Policies

by Franziska Ohnsorge and Shu Yu
ISBN 9781464817533
Code: #211753

Publication year: 2022

Cdn: $78.50; US: $53.95
Language: English
350 pages
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A large percentage of workers and firms operate in the informal economy, outside the line of sight of governments in emerging markets and developing economies. Widespread informality may hold back the recovery in these economies from the deep recessions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic—unless governments adopt a broad set of policies to address the challenges of widespread informality. This study is the first comprehensive analysis of the extent of informality and its implications for a durable economic recovery and for long-term development. It finds that pervasive informality is associated with significantly weaker economic outcomes—including lower government resources to combat recessions, lower per capita incomes, greater poverty, less financial development, and weaker investment and productivity.
The Long Shadow of Informality
Cdn: $78.50; US: $53.95
World Bank BookID: 128634 Added: 2022.4.1