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Social Innovation as Political Transformation
Thoughts for a Better World

by Pieter Van den Broeck, Abid Mehmood, Angeliki Paidakaki, and Constanza Parra, editors
ISBN 9781788974271
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $188.50; US: $130.00
Language: English
224 pages
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This book is an introduction to the works of a collective of academics on social innovation and socio-political transformation. It offers a critique of the dominance of market-based logics and extractivism in the age of neoliberalism. Calling for systemic change, the authors invite the reader to engage in the analysis and practice of socially innovative initiatives and, by doing so, contribute to the co-construction of a sustainable, solidarity-based and regenerative society.

This book will not only be an inspiration for many academics and researchers broadly interested in social innovation, but also for social movements and their protagonists challenging the dominance of the status quo. In addition, it will appeal to policymakers and politicians who want to appreciate contemporary ways of thinking and gain inspiration on how to better meet the needs of the communities they serve.

'Social Innovation as Political Transformation makes a major contribution by going beyond critique of neoliberalism to offering positive proposals for social innovation. It brings together a group of distinguished scholars who show both the weaknesses of current identifications of progress with capitalist entrepreneurship and describes paths to more just societies.'
– Susan S. Fainstein, Harvard Graduate School of Design, US and author of The Just City

'This book is an inspiration for all who want to critically engage with social innovation. Unpacking complex processes in a clear way, it not only presents sophisticated theories but it also energises the willingness to act for a better world.'
– Yuri Kazepov, University of Vienna, Austria

Contributors: L. Albrechts, I. Andre, I. Calvo Mendieta, S. Cameron, L. Cavola, D. Coimbra de Souza, G. Cotella, A. Da Rosa Pires, S. De Blust, P.M. Delladetsimas, M. Edwards, B. Galvan-Lopez, M. Garcia, H. Gulinck, P. Healey, J. Hillier, F. Hillmann, B. Jessop, M. Kaethler, G. Karametou, C. Kesteloot, A.Z. Khan, J.-L. Klein, A. Kuhk, M. Loopmans, D. MacCallum, M. Macharia, A. Martens, F. Martinelli, A. Mehmood, K. Miciukiewicz, E. Midheme, K. Morgan, E. Morlicchio, F. Moulaert, A. Novy, S. Oosterlynck, A. Paidakaki, C. Parra, M. Pradel, J. Pratschke, P. Rego, A. Rehman Cheema, C. Rodrigues, J. Schreurs, R. Segers, L. Servillo, N.-L. Sum, E. Swyngedouw, C. Tornaghi, P. Van den Broeck, B. Van Dyck, H. Verschure, T. Werquin, P. Widyatmi Putri.

Edited by Pieter Van den Broeck, Professor of Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, Belgium, Abid Mehmood, Research Fellow, Sustainable Places Research Institute, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, UK, Angeliki Paidakaki, Research Fellow, Department of Architecture, KU Leuven and Constanza Parra, Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium.
Social Innovation as Political Transformation
Cdn: $188.50; US: $130.00
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