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Gender, Science and Innovation
New Perspectives

by Helen Lawton Smith, Colette Henry, Henry Etzkowitz, and Alexandra Poulovassilis, editors
ISBN 9781786438966
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $261.00; US: $180.00
Language: English
432 pages
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This timely book brings together expert scholarly contributions based on individual and institutional experiences of gender inequality in Europe and the USA. Featuring key empirical insights, contributors explore the ways in which gender produces differences in opportunities across STEM subjects in universities.

Leading authors in the field investigate and propose strategies to improve gender equality in academic environments by focusing on how to overcome indifference, cultural resistance and backlash. This book not only demonstrates the reality of women's networking experiences in STEM in different geographical and institutional contexts but provides evidence of the effectiveness of specific measures introduced to combat inequality in science and innovation.

Enlightening and provocative, this book introduces key insights and critical questions for researchers of gender inequality in science and innovation. This book will also be vital for researchers and students of entrepreneurship as the need for a firm interrogation of the causes and consequences of gender inequality in business grows.

'Lucid, compelling evidence on the need for systemic change within academia and scientific research institutions to make the most of women's talents.'
– Helen Wollaston, Chief Executive, WISE

'A comprehensive collection of articles on women scientists in academia at various stages of careers in science and on women in medicine and innovation, interrogating structures and gender equality programs, this book provides a rich insight and a thorough update on the current situation of women in science.'
– Namrata Gupta, IIT Kanpur Campus, India

This book turns a timely spotlight on gender imbalances and the stalled gender revolution in the academic science field, including technical entrepreneurship. Comprehensive case exemplars and strategic insights make it a must-read not only for researchers with interest in the field, but also for all those seeking inspiration on how to advance gender equality in the sciences and academia.'
– Anne de Bruin, Massey University, New Zealand

'This collection is a compelling read for those interested in the state of gender relations in the science and innovation domains. Its critical feminist stance challenges the reader to reflect on the nature and causes of gender inequality and, more importantly, the cultural shift required to address these imbalances.'
– Maura McAdam, DCU Business School, Republic of Ireland

Contributors: M.C. Agodi, S. Bagchi-Sen, N. Baines, R. Biancheri, N. Buzás, S. Cervia, G. Chapman, L.D. Edmunds, H. Etzkowitz, L. Foss, F. Ghahramani, J.. Gottwald, C. Henry, N. Hewitt-Dundas, S. Huszár, L. Kawano, L.M. Kehl, C. Kemelgor, H. Lawton Smith, J. Le Roux, C. Leggon, R. Lund, P. McGowan, C.L. McNeely, V. Meschitti, L. Messina, A. Micozzi, F. Micozzi, B. O'Gorman, A. O'Neill, M. Panton, I. Picardi, A. Poulovassilis, S. Prónay, P. Rogerson, S. Rosser, K. Seely-Gant, J. Shockro, K. Sohar.

Edited by Helen Lawton Smith, Birkbeck University of London, UK, Colette Henry, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland, Henry Etzkowitz, President, Triple Helix Association and Alexandra Poulovassilis, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, Birkbeck, University of London, UK.
Gender, Science and Innovation
Cdn: $261.00; US: $180.00
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