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A Modern Guide to the Economics of Happiness
by Luigino Bruni, Alessandra Smerilli, and Dalila De Rosa, editors

Series:Elgar Modern Guides
ISBN 9781788978750
Publication year: 2021

Cdn: $246.50; US: $170.00
Language: English
328 pages
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Exploring the modern approach to the economics of happiness, which came about with the Easterlin Paradox, this book analyses and assesses the idea that as a country gets richer the happiness of its citizens remains the same. The book moves through three distinct pillars of study in the field: first analysing the historical and philosophical foundations of the debate; then the methodological and measurements issues and their political implications; and finally empirical applications and discussion about what determines a happy life.

A Modern Guide to the Economics of Happiness extends the concept of happiness to that of wellbeing, offering an inquiry into well-being within the paradigm of complex systems. It draws together both recent developments in studies on the economics of happiness as well as its historical roots, covering the concept of Eudaimonia, Aristotle's theories and the important contribution of Italian economists. Critical case studies look at the relationship between physical activity and wellbeing, the value of family for life satisfaction, and the role of social capital for migrant acceptance.

An invigorating read for economics and psychology scholars, this book will also be of interest to those researching welfare and development economics.

Contributors: L. Alaimo, L. Bruni, L. Crivelli, D. De Rosa, R. Easterlin, N. Esipova, G. Ferri, B. Frey, M. Lucchini, F. Maggino, K. O'Connor, A. Pugliese, M. Pugno, J. Ray, E. Riva, M. Rizzolli, J. Sachs, P. Santori, F. Sarracino, A. Smerilli, F. Wang, S. Wang.

Edited by Luigino Bruni, Professor of Political Economy, Department of Law, Economics, Politics and Modern languages, LUMSA University, Alessandra Smerilli, Professor of Economics, PFSE-Axilium University and Dalila De Rosa, Research Officer, Department of Finance, Ministry of Economics and Finance, Italy.
A Modern Guide to the Economics of Happiness
Cdn: $246.50; US: $170.00
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