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Macroprudential Policies and House Prices in Europe
by Sophia Zhang Yuanyan, Tonny Lybek, Cheikh A. Gueye, Nan Geng, and Marco Arena
ISBN 9781513512259
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $36.50; US: $25.00
Language: English
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Macroprudential policy in Europe aligns with the objective of limiting systemic risk, namely the risk of widespread disruption to the provision of financial services that is caused by an impairment of all or parts of the financial system and that can cause serious negative consequences for the real economy.
Macroprudential Policies and House Prices in Europe
Cdn: $36.50; US: $25.00
International Monetary Fund (IMF) BookID: 128816 Added: 2021.9.6