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Dangerous Fakes
Trade in Counterfeit Goods that Pose Health, Safety and Environmental Risks

Series:Illicit Trade
ISBN 9789264346765
Publication year: 2022

Cdn: $29.00; US: $20.00
Language: English
91 pages
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Illicit trade in counterfeit goods causes economic damage by reducing sales and profits as well as innovation incentives in legitimate industries. At the same time, some counterfeits can be of low quality and create significant additional risks, including health risks (fake pharmaceuticals or food products), safety risks (counterfeit automotive spare parts, fake batteries) and environmental risks (fake chemicals or pesticides). This study presents detailed information on the value of counterfeit trade in such dangerous fake goods, analyses changes in the volumes and composition of the goods, and maps key trade routes. The evidence in this report can be used to raise awareness of the risks of this trade and its implications for health and environmental policy.

The OECD series Illicit Trade provides decision makers with insightful analysis of black and grey markets, as well as innovative guidance and evaluations of policies designed to reduce or deter them. It covers a wide spectrum of studies on illicit market sectors, from counterfeits and narcotics to humans and wildlife, as well as reports on cross-cutting facilitators of illicit trade, such as free trade zones or the use of small parcels to avoid detection. It builds on quantitative analysis and qualitative insights, and benefits from discussions with OECD and non-OECD countries as well as non-government stakeholders.
Dangerous Fakes
Cdn: $29.00; US: $20.00
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