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A Modern Guide to Creative Economies
by Roberta Comunian, Alessandra Faggian, Jarna Heinonen, and Nick Wilson, editors

Series:Elgar Modern Guides
ISBN 9781789905489
Publication year: 2022

Cdn: $261.00; US: $180.00
Language: English
308 pages
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Bringing together a series of new perspectives and reflections on creative economies, this insightful Modern Guide expands and challenges current knowledge in the field. Interdisciplinary in scope, it features a broad range of contributions from both leading and emerging scholars, which provide innovative, critical research into a wide range of disciplines, including arts and cultural management, cultural policy, cultural sociology, economics, entrepreneurship, management and business studies, geography, humanities, and media studies.

Designed to push the boundaries of understanding on the topic, this Modern Guide initially addresses definitional and methodological challenges, before offering new perspectives on the theory and practice of creative and cultural entrepreneurship, and exploring the role of networks and the importance of place and mobility. The book concludes by re-imagining creative economies, raising issues of inequality and justice, care and solidarity, and opportunities for value recognition, while providing new visions of inclusivity, cultural capability, and future development.

A timely reflection on the importance of creative economies, this Modern Guide will be a critical read for students, scholars and policymakers working to support and develop future inclusive and sustainable creative economies.

'For the past two decades, governments, academics, and industry groups have celebrated, measured, and advocated for the creative economy and its accelerated growth. Largely thought of as the production and consumption of creative goods across multiple sectors and geographies, the creative economy is actually much more – it is the sum total of our expressive lives – how we create and share human expression – which is both critical and complex and subject to policy, market forces, networks, professional practice, and community-based values. A Modern Guide to Creative Economies is essential reading for considering and reflecting on how we build healthy, equitable, and sustainable conditions for the creation, celebration, and exchange of human expression. The book, and its collection of brilliant essays, offers fresh insight that will inspire scholars, students, and leaders in arts and culture to ask new and different questions and ultimately to imagine possibilities for not just growing our creative economies, but also for sustaining the humans who are critical for creative expression to thrive.'
– Steven Tepper, University of Arizona, US

'In an age of knowledge and creativity, we can all need a guide to provide a better understanding of how our times work and the challenges we face. This book does the job. It pushes the boundaries of current knowledge to make us better understand creative economies. It also expands the meaning of creativity in the context of cultural development, care, and social justice.'
– Charlotta Mellander, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden

'Read, reference and engage with this book. You will be treated to a grand tour d'horizon of the contemporary European project in cultural and creative industries. Broadly multidisciplinary and multimethodological, it is positive critique that essays ways and means to work for more inclusive and sustainable futures in understanding creative economies.'
– Stuart Cunningham, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Contributors: Mark Banks, Ruth Bridgstok, Scott Brook, Chiara Burlina, Roberta Comunian, Alessandro Crociata, Manfredi de Bernard, Tamsyn Dent, Lauren England, Alessandra Faggian, Jonathan Gross, Jarna Heinonen, Silvie Jacobi, Arja Lemmetyinen, Lorenzo Mizzau, Fabrizio Montanari, Annette Naudin, Lenita Nieminen, Stefano Rodighiero, Jon Swords, Jessica Tanghetti, Nick Wilson, Federica Viganò.

Edited by Roberta Comunian, King's College London, UK, Alessandra Faggian, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy, Jarna Heinonen, University of Turku, Finland and Nick Wilson, King's College London, UK.
A Modern Guide to Creative Economies
Cdn: $261.00; US: $180.00
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