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Saving our World Heritage
ISBN 9789231004988
Publication year: 2022

Cdn: $34.50; US: $27.50
Language: English
64 pages
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Our world is full of wonders. From historic cities, castles and cathedrals to magnificent mountains, rainforests and oceans, the world’s greatest treasures belong to all humankind. This is our world heritage.

But our heritage is constantly under threat – from natural disasters, wars, climate change, construction, pollution and mass tourism. In this book, we visit over 70 World Heritage Sites in 52 countries. We find out how communities, governments and organisations are working to save this extraordinary inheritance.

And we meet the people involved – the experts patiently restoring great works of art, park rangers risking their lives to defend rare wildlife, and young volunteers learning to protect the environment.
Saving our World Heritage
Cdn: $34.50; US: $27.50
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