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The Economics of Electric Vehicles for Passenger Transportation
by Cecilia Briceno-Garmendia, Wenxin Qiao, and Vivien Foster
ISBN 9781464819483
Publication year: 2023

Cdn: $72.00; US: $49.50
Language: English
250 pages
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The Economics of Electric Vehicles for Passenger Transportation provides answers to three critical questions: Why should developing countries pursue e-mobility? When does an accelerated transition to electric vehicles (EVs) make sense for developing countries? How can governments make this transition happen?

A key finding from the research is that there is a strong economic case for EVs in many developing countries. This is news because, despite growing momentum and interest in the sector, 90 percent of EV sales are still concentrated in major markets such as China, Europe, and the United States. According to original models developed by the report's authors, developing countries can look to electric buses as well as to two- and three-wheel vehicles as entry points to this critical transition.

Readers will find many examples of countries already benefiting from e-mobility solutions. For example, Brazil, Chile, and India are leaders in electric bus fleets. Their progress, made possible by innovative financing and procurement practices, is improving mobility in cities, reducing local air pollution, and reducing congestion in fast-growing downtowns. Readers will also see examples from Asian and East African countries, which are embarking on battery-swapping schemes to lower up-front costs of ownership for two- and three-wheel vehicles.

Based on the unique modeling, analysis, and benchmarking of results across 20 developing countries―complemented by a compilation of actual organic and diverse experiences of developing countries with electric mobility adoption―this report provides policy guidance on how governments can accelerate EV adoption, and when and where it makes economic sense to adopt electric mobility more quickly. This report is a critical read for anyone interested in the future of transportation and its links with development progress.
The Economics of Electric Vehicles for Passenger Transportation
Cdn: $72.00; US: $49.50
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