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OECD Publishing to be Commended for its Efforts to Assist IGO Counterparts
The launch of the Commonwealth iLibrary in September is what is hoped to be the first of many IGO's publications to find a home on the OECD's iLibrary platform. At the sales conference held at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, the OECD distributors were provided with an overview of what to expect going forward.

For the past several years Toby Green, the OECD's Head of Publishing, has lead a dedicated team that continues to pioneer in the way books and data are published online alongside journals and working papers via the OECD iLibrary platform.

The OECD has developed a formula that is making it possible for smaller organizations, with limited budgets and personnel, to launch their own online collections. There have also been countless examples of organizations investing significant amounts of time and money only to be disappointed with the end results. The OECD provides the IGO's with a proven platform along with the expertise that continues to develop and implement new features. Another advantage to having the organizations share a single platform is that subscribers to multiple products can perform searches across platforms simultaneously.

The Commonwealth Secretariat was selected as the inaugural iLibrary collaboration, for the OECD wanted to start with a smaller IGO so that they had the opportunity to work out any issues that may arise before moving on to larger projects. They also announced at the Frankfurt meetings that they had reached an agreement in principle with the Nordic Council and we will keep you apprised of any new developments as they become available.