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OECD iLibrary Themes - Agriculture & Food
This OECD iLibrary theme subscription includes online access to all OECD books and databases related to agriculture, food and fisheries from 1998 onwards. It includes the OECD/FAO Agricultural Oulook and Agricultural Policy annuals, the OECD Agricultural Statistics database, and all the other monographs on the topic.

The Online + Print option includes online access to all content online in all available formats as well as the delivery of print copies of all publications released during the subscription period. The online only option excludes the print delivery.
  • Over 440 ebooks
  • Over 3,000 chapters
  • Over 120 working papers
  • Over 70 datasets
OECD Agriculture and Food iLibrary includes:
Annuals & Outlooks: (Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation; OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook; OECD Review of Fisheries: Country Statistics; OECD Review of Fisheries: Policies and Summary Statistics)

Book Series: (International Standards for Fruit and Vegetables; OECD Food and Agricultural Reviews Papers; OECD Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Papers)

Databases: OECD Agriculture Statistics: (OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook; Agricultural support estimates; Environmental Performance of Agriculture; Agricultural Market Access Database (AMAD); Fisheries)
2021 Online + Print
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2021 Online Only
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Are You Looking for Something More Subject Specific?
The OECD offers the following iLibrary subscriptions for those of you that do not require a subscription to the whole theme.
Individual books and/or PDFs are available through Renouf's online Bookshop section of the web site.
Agricultural Policies in OECD CountriesAgricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation
This annual report is a unique souce of up-to-date estimates of support to agriculture and is complemented by individual chapters on agricultural policy developments in all countries covered in the report. During odd-numbered years, information on significant non-OECD emerging economies is included in the report.
OECD Agricultural OutlookOECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook
OECD's annual statistics and projections for major agricultural commodities worldwide. Since 2005, it has been published in co-operation with the FAO. The report presents detailed 10-year projections for production, consumption, trade, stocks, and prices for OECD countries as well as selected non-member countries. Commodities covered include cereals, oilseeds, sugar, meat, and dairy.
OECD Agriculture Statistics Database PackageOECD Agriculture Statistics (statistical package)
The OECD Agricultural databases provide a unique collection of policy-relevant agricultural statistics, including detailed producer and consumer support estimates for OECD and transition economies, OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook data, environmental performance of agriculture data and a detailed framework for quantifying the economics of agriculture. A subscription to this database also includes access to the related annuals: OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook and Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries.
Did you know?
- The FAO's Meat Price Index, a measure of global meat prices, has remained at historically high levels since 2011. It currently stands some 90% higher than ten years earlier.
Source: Agricultural Outlook 2014-2023

- In 2013, support to producers across the OECD area amounted to USD 258 billion. This is equivalent to 18% of gross farm receipts in OECD countries.
Source: Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2014

- Aquaculture production has increased dramatically over the past decades. Measured in volume, China is the biggest equaculture producer in the world, accounting for 61% of total production volume.
Source: OECD Review of Fisheries: Policies and Summary Statistics 2013

- Fisheries could deliver a 13% higher volume of fish and an additional USD 50 billion or more per year in profits if all depleted stocks were recovered and efficiently managed.
Source: Green Growth in Fisheries and Aquaculture 2015