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OECD iLibrary Themes - Agriculture & Food
This OECD iLibrary Theme provides data and analysis in key areas related to the global food, agricultures and fisheries system, including food security, market information and transparency, sustainable agriculture productivity growth, water efficiency in agriculture and sustainable soil management. It includes Making Better Policies for Food Systems, OECD Review of Fisheries, Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation, the OECD Agricultural Statistics database, and all the other monographs on the topic.

The OECD produces around 40 new books and papers each year.
  • 590 + ebooks
  • 2,600 + chapters
  • 170 + papers
  • 6,800 + tables/graphs
2023 Online Only
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Did you know?
- The FAO's Meat Price Index, a measure of global meat prices, has remained at historically high levels since 2011. It currently stands some 90% higher than ten years earlier.
Source: Agricultural Outlook 2014-2023

- In 2013, support to producers across the OECD area amounted to USD 258 billion. This is equivalent to 18% of gross farm receipts in OECD countries.
Source: Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2014

- Aquaculture production has increased dramatically over the past decades. Measured in volume, China is the biggest equaculture producer in the world, accounting for 61% of total production volume.
Source: OECD Review of Fisheries: Policies and Summary Statistics 2013

- Fisheries could deliver a 13% higher volume of fish and an additional USD 50 billion or more per year in profits if all depleted stocks were recovered and efficiently managed.
Source: Green Growth in Fisheries and Aquaculture 2015