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OECD iLibrary Themes - Economics
This OECD iLibrary theme subscription includes online access to all OECD books, periodicals, and databases related to national accounts and general economics. It includes the OECD Economic Outlook and its database, the OECD Economic Surveys, Main Economic Indicators and its database, Annual and Quarterly National Accounts and their databases, Central Government Debt, the OECD Factbook, Economic Policy Reforms, the OECD Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis, the OECD Journal on Budgeting, the OECD Journal: General Papers, OECD in Figures. Online access includes access to all items in the theme published from 1998 onwards.
  • Over 3,000 ebooks
  • Over 10,900 chapters
  • Over 3,000 issues and articles
  • Over 420 datasets
OECD Economics iLibrary includes:
Annuals & Outlooks: (Bank Profitability: Methodological Country Notes; Directory of Bodies of the OECD; Economic Policy Reforms; National Accounts at a Glance; National Accounts of OECD Countries, Financial Accounts, Financial Balance Sheets, General Government Accounts; OECD Economic Outlook; OECD Economic Surveys; OECD Factbook; OECD in Figures; Purchasing Power Parities and Real Expenditures; Secretary-General's Report to Ministers)

Book Series: (Better Policies; OECD 360; OECD Insights)

Papers: (OECD Journal on Budgeting; OECD Journal: Economic Studies; OECD Journal: General Papers; OECD Journal: Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis; OECD Economic Policy Papers; OECD Economics Department Working Papers; OECD Statistics Working Papers)

Databases: (Main Economic Indicators; OECD Economic Outlook: Statistics and Projections; OECD Factbook Statistics; OECD National Accounts Statistics; OECD Product Market Regulation Statistics)

Statistical Periodicals: (Main Economic Indicators; National Accounts of OECD Countries; Quarterly National Accounts)
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Are You Looking for Something More Subject Specific?
The OECD offers the following iLibrary subscriptions for those of you that do not require a subscription to the whole theme.
Individual books and/or PDFs are available through Renouf's online Bookshop section of the web site.
OECD Economic SurveysOECD Economic Surveys
OECD's periodic reviews of member and non-member economies. OECD member country reviews are generally done on an 18-24 month cycle, while non-member country reviews are done as agreed with the subject country. A minimu of 18 surveys are published each year. Every issue provides a comprehensive analysis of economic and policy developments since the last survey in the subject country, along with individual chapters covering key economic challenges being faced and recommendations for dealing with the challenges. Issues are now available from 1961 onwards.
OECD JournalOECD Journal
This package of periodicals contains the OECD's leading titles in the field of economics and public policy. Titles included are: OECD Journal: Financial Market Trends - two issues per year; OECD Journal: Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis - two issues per year; OECD Journal: OECD Economic Studies - one issue per year; OECD Journal on Budgeting - three issues per year. A subsription to OECD Journal provides 8 issues per year, plus a back catalogue of almost 200 issues, dating from 1998. The Online + Print option includes delivery of all new print issues coming out during the subscription period.
OECD Economic OutlookOECD Economic Outlook
OECD's twice-yearly analysis of major economic trends and prospects for the next two years. Prepared by the OECD Economics Department, the Outlook presents a consistent set of projections for output, employment, prices and current balances. Coverage is provided for all OECD member countries as wll as for selected non-member countries. Each issue includes a general assessment, chapters summarising developments in and providing projections for individual countries, and an extensive statistical annex. Subscribers to the Online + Print version also have access to the online edition, published at least one month prior to the print edition and providing access to speadsheets of included statistical data as well as access to all back issues. Access to the Statistics and Projections Database include the projections and having data as far back as 1960, access to annual CSV archival snapshots of the database and access to the OECD Economic Outlook and Economic Policy Reforms periodicals.
OECD Economic Outlook Statistics and Projections Database PackageOECD Economic Outlook Statistics and Projections Database
The OECD Economic Outlook online database provides historical trends and future projections for a range of economic statistics. These include demand and gross domestic product (GDP), deflators and prices, general government accounts, debt, households and business sectors, labour market, financial data, foreign exchange market, balance of payments, supply block, oil market and other raw materials. A subscription to this database also includes access to the related periodicals: OECD Economic Outlook and Economic Policy Reforms.
OECD Economic Policy Reforms Going for GrowthOECD Economic Policy Reforms Going for Growth
OECD's annual report highlighting developments in stracturing policies in OECD countries. Closely related to the OECD Economic Outlook and the OECD Economic Surveys, each issue of Economic Policy Reforms gives and overview of developments followed by a set of indicators that reflect structural policy evolution. A set of Country Notes summarises the priorities and recommendations suggested. The Country Notes section also includes a set of indicator tables and graphs for each country. Each issue also includes several thematic studies.
OECD Main Economic IndicatorsOECD Main Economic Indicators
OECD's monthly statistical bulletin presenting a wide range of monthly, quarterly and annual indicators for the 34 OECD countries as well as for Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Russian Federation and South Africa. Components include country tables by subject, more detailed country-specific tables, and GDP, Exchange Rate and PPP data. The indicators cover national accounts, business surveys, reltail sales, industrial production, construction, sonsumer prices, employment and unemployment, interest rates, money and domestic finance, foreign finance, and balanced of payments. The data is available on subscription as a monthly periodical or with access to the online database.
OECD Main Economic Indicators Database PackageOECD Main Economic Indicators (statistical package)
The Main Economic Indicators database includes a wide range of areas from 1961, such as quarterly national accounts, business surveys, the composite leading indicator (CLI), retail sales, industrial production, construction/housing, consumer prices/inflation, total employment, unemployment rates, interest rates, exchange rates, money and domestic finance, foreign finance, foreign trade, and balance of payments for OECD countries and non-member economies. A subscription to this database also includes access to the related periodical: Main Economic Indicators.
OECD Quarterly National Accounts PeriodicalOECD Quarterly National Accounts (periodical)
Please note that Quarterly National Accounts data are included in the National Accounts Statistics database.
OECD National Accounts Statistics Database packageOECD National Accounts Statistics (statistical package)
This database package provides online access to data contained in both the annual (all components) and quarterly series of data described on the previous page, but with time series going back as far as 1955, depending on the component, as well as access to the annual archival CSV snapshot of the database.