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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is world renowned for their statistics and economic forecasts but the organisation does so much more. Today, with its 38 member countries along with close cooperation with non-member countries, they tackle worldwide issues in the areas of education, environment, development, social issues, employment, taxation, industry and trade. The OECD iLibrary is the research repository gathering all OECD books, papers, databases and data tables into a single platform through which the organization disseminates its intellectual output.
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What Content is on the OECD iLibrary Premium Subscription Package
OECD Book, Papers and Podcasts
The OECD iLibrary Premium subscription package provides access to OECD's complete knowledge base containing all OECD books and papers published since 1998 as well as a vast collection of statistics, with data going back to the early 1960's and over 80 countries are covered. The collection also contains content published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), the OECD Development Centre, Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), and the International Transport Forum (ITF). The OECD publishes around 500 new titles each year. The OECD has recently added a podcast collection that contains interviews with experts and personalities from both within and outside the Organization, as they discuss key policy issues of the day.

As of March 2023, the items available include:
  • 17,585 ebook titles
  • 97,850 chapters
  • 299,200 tables and graphs
  • 172 Podcasts
  • 2,600 articles
  • 6,390 multilingual summaries
  • 8,350 working papers and policy responses
  • 7 billion data points across 44 databases
OECD Statistics
The OECD iLibrary Premium subscription provides online access to all OECD's published data, irrespective of format. It includes the "live" interactive databases, as well as the statistical annuals and periodicals in any available format: PDF, WEB, XLS, DATA, ePUB, READ. Users can build tables and extract data from across databases as well as working within individual databases. Due to the focused nature of the content, the IEA statistical databases are available in a separate subscription package.
  • Experienced users can access the latest data available to build their own tables and graphs or export the figures to their own analytical software.
  • Key tables of the most popular indicators have been formatted for users to copy and paste into their own reports.
  • CSV Archives for databases allows subscribers to download an entire dataset with its archive in one click.
  • OECD Premium subscribers get data research support from knowledgeable OECD personal.
  • OECD.stat is fully integrated, offering multiple export formats (including SDMX).
  • Each database includes detailed metadata to help understand the numbers.
  • Access to statistical books and periodicals dating back to 1998 in PDF format with data offered in WEB, PDF, DATA and XLS formats making it easier to find and cite historical indicators.
The Benefits of an OECD iLibrary Premium Subscription
The OECD iLibrary Premium subscription package gives unrestricted access to content, with tools and features on the platform that facilitate discovery and workflow integration:
  • Intuitive navigation by theme or country.
  • Subscribers are able to download and save content in PDF, XLS, EPUB, and MP3 for offline consumption or archiving.
  • Granular content so users can search and click directly to tables, chapters or articles.
  • Subscribers have access to support from OECD customer service representatives.
  • Perpetual access to subscribed content.
  • Every content level has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and fixed URL.
  • Re-use and download of all subscribed content for institutional purposes is permitted with no further permission required.
  • Subscribers have access the complete Back Catalogue in all formats.
  • Citation tools for datasets are available to subscribers who benefit from various bibliographic software export capabilities for referencing bibliographies (using MLA citation format).
  • Subscribers are able to preserve content via the LOCKSS network.
  • Content in context so related content is one click away.
  • OECD metadata is indexed with leading Discovery Services EBSCO EDS, WorldCat, Summon and Primo Central and WDS.
  • Bibliographic records in MARC21 XML format and KBART Phase 2 Metadata are available to subscribers.
  • Usage monitoring COUNTER4 and 5 compliant usage statistics are available to subscribers.
  • Links to previous editions with the option to download any full-text item such as tables or chapters from table of contents.
New Feature for OECD iLibrary Subscribers
This new Premium service uses AI to surface content conceptually related to your own material, and not readily found using a traditional search.

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Renouf Can Arrange Free Trial Access Periods and Consortia Discount Pricing
Renouf's consortia reached the maximum iLibrary discount being offered to large institutions a few years ago and we are able to offer New subscribers a 30% discount off the Books, Papers and Statistics online only package. The OECD offers one of the most flexible pricing policies in the industry for they base it on the size of the organization, types of academic programs being offered and what the expected usage will be. Visit our OECD Subscription Packages Pricing page, for smaller libraries can receive up to an 80% discount and NGOs are being offered a 90% discount. Please contact us if you would like us to set-up a 30-day free trial period so that you can assess iLibrary before making your purchasing decision.
iLibrary Themes
The OECD not only offers flexible pricing arrangements but they also provide an almost unlimited number of subscription options through their Theme packages. A Theme package includes access to all books published in the subject, as well as related periodicals, annuals, statistical databases and tables. In addition, all working papers and policy papers are made available regardless of the theme subscribed.
Let Us Assist You in Finding a Subscription Package to Meet Your Needs
If you have more specific needs than what is offered in a Theme subscription package, the individual products available in each Theme can also be purchased separately. This allows you to create your own subscription package based on your requirements. Please contact us and we would be pleased to assist you in your selection. E-mail us.
OECD iLibrary Resources
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Resources for Users & Researchers
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How to work with statistical databases on OECD iLibrary?

How to create and benefit from a personal registration on OECD iLibrary?

How are reports and data produced by the OECD?

Introduction of the Research Assistant

Resources for Librarians & Catalogue Managers
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What's New on OECD iLibrary
Rebuilding Ukraine by Reinforcing Regional and Municipal Governance
EU Funded Note

Prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, Ukraine had made significant progress in implementing ambitious regional development and decentralisation reforms. These reforms resulted in the creation of 1,469 amalgamated municipalities, the establishment of an elaborate multi-level regional development planning framework, as well as a significant increase in local public service delivery, and public funding for regional and local development.
more ...

Environment at a Glance Indicators

This new web format for Environment at a Glance Indicators provides real-time interactive on-line access to the latest comparable OECD-country data on the environment from the OECD Core Set of Environmental Indicators - a tool to evaluate environmental performance in countries and to track the course towards sustainable development. The web version allows users to play with the data and graphics, download and share them, and consult and download thematic web-books.
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Building a Skilled Cyber Security Workforce in Five Countries
Insights from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States

As societies become increasingly digital, cyber security has become a priority for individuals, companies and nations. The number of cyber attacks is exceeding defence capabilities, and one reason for this is the lack of an adequately skilled cyber security workforce.
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Is Education Losing the Race with Technology?
AI's Progress in Maths and Reading

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are ushering in a large and rapid technological transformation. Understanding how AI capabilities relate to human skills and how they develop over time is crucial for understanding this process.
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Global Trends in Government Innovation 2023

In the face of what has increasingly been referred to as an ongoing "permacrisis", governments must cope with and respond to emerging threats while already grappling with longstanding issues such as climate change, digital disruption and low levels of trust. In this context, understanding new approaches and spreading successful ideas has never been more important.
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Ready for the Next Crisis? Investing in Health System Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic had massive consequences for societies and health systems across the OECD and beyond. Health systems were not resilient enough.
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Supporting Lives Free from Intimate Partner Violence
Towards Better Integration of Services for Victims/Survivors

Many OECD governments regularly identify violence against women as the top gender equality issue their country faces. Yet in all countries, addressing this multifaceted issue presents serious governance and implementation challenges as victims/survivors have complex needs both during and after experiences of violence.
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World Energy Outlook 2022

With the world in the midst of the first global energy crisis - triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine - the World Energy Outlook 2022 (WEO) provides indispensable analysis and insights on the implications of this profound and ongoing shock to energy systems across the globe. Based on the latest energy data and market developments, this year's WEO explores key questions about the crisis: Will it be a setback for clean energy transitions or a catalyst for greater action? How might government responses shape energy markets? Which energy security risks lie ahead on the path to net zero emissions?
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Earth's Orbits at Risk
The Economics of Space Sustainability

Society's dependence on space infrastructure is at a critical juncture. Public and private actors worldwide are planning to launch tens of thousands of satellites into Earth's orbit in the next five years.
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