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United Nations iLibrary is the comprehensive global repository for digital content created by the United Nations and their related agencies. Initially launched in 2015, the platform was updated in 2021 to incorporate new features such as an interface in all six official UN languages and a search feature by Sustainable Development Goals. The platform will allow you to access reliable information concerning COVID 19. The new design also makes it faster and easier to find the reports you are looking for.

Content is organized by series title, publication year and alphabetically; and discovery of complete publications or even their components - chapters and articles - is a click away. The content is accessible in different formats - PDF, ePub and READ - to meet users' needs, whether for reading on a mobile device, sharing with peers via social network or integrating content into a report.

As of March 2021, the UN iLibrary contains over 9,000 ebook titles, 130,000 chapters, 8,200 articles, 415 series and 2 databases. The publications appear in all official languages of the United Nations: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic as well as bilingual and trilingual publications. Every year about 500 new titles are added to the collection. Approximately 70% of which are in English and they will cover the following topics:

"New Statistical Databases"

SDGindicators Datasets
This dataset contains data on the global Sustainable Development Goal indicators and includes global and regional aggregates as well as country-level data for 115 of the 230 SDG indicators (for its 2016 edition), with almost 500 data series and more than 330,000 data records.
Minimum Set of Gender Indicators
This dataset is a collection of 52 quantitative indicators and 11 qualitative indicators covering national norms and laws on gender equality. The indicators are used as guide for the national production and international compilation of gender statistics and covers such dimensions as education, employment, health, the human rights of women and girls, and public life and decision making.
More Databases are being worked on and will be added to the platform in the future

UN iLibrary Features
  • Content is organized by series title, publication year and alphabetically
  • Granular content - users can search and click directly to components such as chapters or articles. Every content level has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and static URL
  • Integrated search results, PDF and READ version
  • A citation tool for all content, integrating with popular bibliographic management systems
  • Content in context - related content is one click away
  • Links to previous editions with the option to download any full text item such as chapters from the table of contents
  • Users can navigate back and forth via hierarchical "breadcrumb trails"
  • Bibliographic MARC records and KBART Phase 2 Metadata are available to subscribers
  • Usage monitoring COUNTER4 compliant usage statistics are available to subscribers
  • RSS Feeds
  • Users can read and share the READ version of content on all internet connected desktop and mobile devices
  • Athens/Shibboleth federated authentication for US and UK institutions
  • All United Nations iLibrary metadata and fully text indexed by the four major Discovery Services. EBSCO, WorldCat, Summon and Primo)
  • Perpetual access to subscribed content
  • Re-use of all subscribed content for institutional purposes with no further permission required
  • Access via Proxy server available
  • Subscribers can self-manage the administration and account settings on their account
  • The UN staff offer live online presentations covering subjects such as the navigation of iLibrary and its content or UN topics of interest to the subscribing institution
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What's New on UN iLibrary
Financing for Sustainable Development Report 2021
Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development

This report assesses progress in implementing the commitments and actions in the Addis Ababa Action Agenda. The global economic recession and financial turmoil from COVID-19 (coronavirus) are derailing implementation of the Agenda and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). more ...

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2020

The 2020 UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons is the fifth of its kind mandated by the General Assembly through the 2010 United Nations Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons. It covers more than 130 countries and provides an overview of patterns and flows of trafficking in persons at global, regional and national levels, based primarily on trafficking cases detected between 2017 and 2019. more ...

Human Development Report 2020
The Next Frontier - Human Development and the Anthropocene

The 30th Anniversary 2020 Human Development Report is the latest in the series of global Human Development Reports published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) since 1990 as independent and analytically and empirically grounded discussions of major development issues, trends and policies. This report offers a thought-provoking, necessary alternative to paralysis in the face of alarming planetary change. more ...

Statistical Yearbook 2020, Sixty-third Issue

The Statistical Yearbook is an annual compilation of a wide range of international economic, social and environmental statistics on over 200 countries and areas, compiled from sources including UN agencies and other international, national and specialized organizations. The 2020 edition contains data available to the Statistics Division as of 31 July 2020 and presents them in 32 tables on topics such as: communication; crime; development assistance; education; energy; environment; finance; gender; international merchandise trade; international tourism; labour force; national accounts; population and migration; price and production indices; and science and technology. more ...

World Cities Report 2020
The Value of Sustainable Urbanization

In a rapidly urbanizing and globalized world, cities have been the epicentres of COVID-19 (coronavirus). The virus has spread to virtually all parts of the world; first, among globally connected cities, then through community transmission and from the city to the countryside. This report shows that the intrinsic value of sustainable urbanization can and should be harnessed for the wellbeing of all. more ...

World Economic Situation and Prospects 2021

This is the United Nations definitive report on the state of the world economy, providing global and regional economic outlook for 2020 and 2021. A once-in-a-century crisis - a Great Disruption unleashed by a viral pandemic - hit the world economy in 2020. The pandemic spread like a forest fire, reaching every corner of the world, infecting more than 90 million and killing close to 2 million people worldwide. more ...

The Least Developed Countries Report 2020
Productive Capacities for the New Decade

LDCs have so far been spared by the worst effects of the health emergency, yet the fallout from COVID-19 has taken its toll on their economies, threatening to roll back progress towards sustainable development, worsening entrenched inequalities, and possibly leading to long-term damage. The ongoing crisis has brought back to the fore the pivotal role of productive capacities for resilience to shocks, as well as for a sustainable and inclusive recovery and sustainable development. more ...

World Youth Report
Youth Social Entrepreneurship and the 2030 Agenda

This report highlights how youth social entrepreneurship can support young people's employment and development while helping to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs. It presents social entrepreneurship and anchors it in the context of the 2030 Agenda. It examines how social entrepreneurship of young people can offer not only employment opportunities, but also support other elements of youth development such as their participation. more ...