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The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) is the UN's database that stores standardized official annual trade statistics reported by countries and reflect international merchandise flows detailed by commodity and partner country with coverage reaching up to 99 percent of merchandise trade. UN COMTRADE gives you instant access to more than 1.75 billion records on merchandise trade from over 200 reporting countries or areas covering 48 years of data and more than 6,000 different products. The UN offers a premium access service for users that require more than what is offered through the basic service which is based on IP recognition.
UN Comtrade Premium Access Subscription
The UN Comtrade Premium access subscription was created for users that required downloads above the basic 50,000 records. In addition to allowing direct downloads of up to 150,000 records or batch downloads of up to 25 million records, the Premium service also offers several other features not available through the basic service.
Renouf Can Provide Trial Access Periods and Consortia Discount Pricing
The UN Comtrade Premium access subscription is based on IP recognition and is available to universities, organizations and companies. Renouf is in a position to offer a consortia discount to qualifying institutions and would be please to provide you with a quote or establish a free trial access period for your library. Email Us
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What's New from the UN Statistics Division
United Nations Demographic Yearbook 2012

Demographic Yearbook 2012 is the the sixty-third in a series published since 1948. Through the cooperation with the National Statistical Offices, official demographic statistics are compiled in the Yearbook, as available, for more than 230 countries and areas of the world up to the reference year 2012. This edition of the Yearbook contains chapters on the population size and distribution, the population of capital cities, fertility, foetal mortality, infant and maternal mortality, general mortality, nuptiality and divorce. more ...

Statistical Yearbook 2011, Fifty-sixth Issue

The Statistical Yearbook is an annual compilation of a wide range of international economic, social and environmental statistics on over 200 countries and areas, compiled from sources including UN agencies and other international, national and specialized organizations. The 56th edition contains data available to the Statistics Division as of 31 December 2012 and presents them in 65 tables on topics such as: agriculture, forestry and fishing; communication; development assistance; education; energy; environment; finance; gender; international merchandise trade; international tourism; labour force; manufacturing; national accounts; population; prices; and science and technology. more ...

International Trade Statistics Yearbook 2012, Volume I, Trade by Country

The 2012 International Trade Statistics Yearbook, Volume I provides an overview of the international trade merchandise trade in 2012 and detailed information on the trade performance for numerous countries up to 2012. Overall, data for a total of 175 countries (or areas) are shown with the 2012 data on imports and exports by commodity and trading partner provided for approximately 90 countries (or areas), representing more than 70% of world trade of 2012. more ...

National Accounts Statistics
Analysis of Main Aggregates 2012

This publication is a summary of the principal national accounting aggregates based on official national accounts data for more than 200 countries and areas, covering the years from 1970 to 2012. Tables include analysis of data on gross domestic product (GDP) by different structural components, which are classified into: 1) analysis of the level of total and per capita GDP; 2) analysis of the percentage shares of GDP by type of expenditure and gross value added by kind of economic activity; 3) analysis of economic development expressed in terms of real growth of GDP and its components by type of expenditure and gross value added by kind of economic activity, and 4) analysis of price development reflected by implicit price deflators of GDP. more ...

Energy Statistics Yearbook 2010

The 2010 Energy Statistics Yearbook is the fifty-fourth issue in a series of annual compilations of internationally comparable statistics summarizing world energy trends. Annual data for 224 countries and areas for the period 2007 to 2010 are presented on production, trade and consumption of energy: solids, liquids, gaseous fuels and electricity. more ...

International Trade Statistics Yearbook 2012, Volume II
Trade by Commodity

The 2012 International Trade Statistics Yearbook, Volume II - Trade by Commodity contains detailed tables showing international trade for 258 individual commodities (3-digit SITC groups) and eleven world trade tables covering trade values and indices up to the year 2012. The information contained is based on data provided by approximately 140 countries (areas), representing more than 90% of world trade of 2012. more ...

Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook 2010
Physical Quantity Data (Vol.I) and Monetary Value Data (Vol.II)

This publication provides statistics on the production of about 600 major industrial commodities. Data was provided for the ten-year period of 2001-2010 for approximately 200 countries and territories. The commodities have been selected on the basis of their importance in world production and trade. more ...

Energy Balances and Electricity Profiles 2010

The 2010 Energy Balances and Electricity Profiles contains energy balances for about 115 developing countries, showing production, trade, conversion and consumption in energy units for all energy products; and electricity profiles for about 190 countries, providing detailed information on production, trade and consumption of electricity, net installed capacity and thermal power plant input for selected developing and developed countries. more ...