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About the BACI Database
BACI is the World Trade database developed by the CEPII at a high level of product disaggregation. It is constructed using an original procedure that reconciles the declarations of the exporter and importer. Original data are provided by the United Nations Statistical Division (Comtrade database). The harmonization procedure enables a considerable expansion of the number of countries for which trade data are available, as compared to the original dataset. BACI provides bilateral values and quantities of exports at the HS 6-digit product disaggregation, for more than 200 countries since 1995. It is updated every year.

Methodology: A Short Description

Original procedures have been developed to reconcile data reported by almost 150 countries to the United Nations Statistics Division.

First, as import values are reported CIF (cost, insurance and freight) while exports are reported FOB (free on board), CIF costs are estimated and removed from imports values to compute FOB import values.

Second, the reliability of the country reporting is assessed based on the reporting distances among partners. CEPII decomposes the absolute values of the ratios of mirror flows using a (weighted) variance analysis, and an index is built for each country. These reporting qualities are used as weights in the reconciliation of each bilateral trade flow twice reported.

Taking advantage of this double information on each flow, the BACI database ends up with a large coverage of countries not reporting at a given level of the product classification.