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About the UNWTO Elibrary
The UNWTO Elibrary is, as the leading resource of tourism information, especially interesting for academic institutions, government organizations, companies and consultancies dealing with tourism, business, political science, public administration, environmental studies and cultural geography.
  • The Elibrary includes all the UNWTO publications since 1970 in electronic format.
  • All books can be viewed online with the UNWTO PDF viewer or can be downloaded.
  • The Elibrary platform is available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic.
  • The product is available through an annual subscription. For academic institutions and companies the IP address recognition is the recommended access.
  • Advanced search options include: type of document, language, subject, regions, year and target audience.
  • Contains over 1,100 books and working papers.
Tourism Factbook
  • Provides the latest and most up-to-date statistics on inbound and outbound tourism for all countries and regions around the world. Besides the convenient access by alphabetical or geographical selection, the Tourism Factbook offers a multiple country search as well as other additional data sets.
  • As well as collecting data, the UNWTO monitors trends, analyses and forecasts development, which is provided for the first time as Tourism Market Trend files in XLS or PDF format.
  • The statistical data are available in spreadsheets and/or PDF files for the last five years. The user can view directly the years included in the tables and the year and month of the latest update.
  • The database is updated up to three times a year or when new and important data is received.