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The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) is the world's most comprehensive global trade platform containing tens of billions of data points since 1962. The UN aggregates detailed annual and monthly trade statistics by product/service and trading partner. The data compiled covers approximately 200 countries/areas and represents more than 99% of the world's merchandise trade.
Announcing The New and Enhanced
UN Comtrade Premium Pro I Database
The new and enhanced Comtrade experience is better, faster, and more intuitive with many additional features including:
  • New look and more intuitive design
  • New data with more parameters
  • More powerful data API options
  • A more sophisticated and refined search
  • More filtering options
The UN Comtrade Premium Pro subscription was created for users that require more than what is offered through the basic service. In addition to allowing direct downloads of up to 150,000 records or batch downloads of up to 25 million records, the Premium service also offers several other features not available through the basic service.
  • Access to UN Comtrade by IP recognition
  • Allows users to save searches and build custom groupings
  • E-mail notifications when data download is completed
  • More powerful API options powered by Azure
  • Customization of front page according to user preferences
  • Bulk and Async batch and bulk downloads with unlimited queries per day
  • Customization of the download format
  • Customer support from UN Comtrade staff members
  • Priority access to preview Data Lake, when it comes online
UN Comtrade Resources
About UN Comtrade Premium Pro Access
In addition to allowing subscribers unlimited downloads and queries, the New UN Comtrade Premium Pro access service offers several new features:
  • New data: trade value in CIF and FOB, quantity in secondary unit codes, and gross weight.
  • Tariffline data is the harmonized original data submitted by the countries and is now available to users. The harmonization is applied to all data dimensions except commodity; therefore, data at the tariffline level (more than 6-digit HS) may be available.
  • More parameters: mode of transport, 2nd partner country, customfont-size:0.8em; procedure codes, more trade flows.
  • Subscriber services: include bulk and Async (batch) delivery download along with forthcoming, access to Data Lake.
  • More powerful data application programming interface (API) options: Powered by Azure API Management for reliability and scalability. Built-in developer portal.
  • Comtrade Trend: real-time analytics of recently released datasets and the data that users are looking for.
  • Comtrade Labs: innovative and experimental data visualizations by our subscribers using Comtrade data.
  • Custom Groupings: Summarize the detailed trade data by providing custom groupings.
  • New saving features: options to save search criteria and parameters for registered users.
  • Large data sets e-mailed to your inbox: data extraction runs in the background and when a data download is complete, a link to the dataset is sent to subscribers by e-mail notification.
  • New mobile-friendly features: the transformation of data tables into data cards for easy viewing and sharing on mobile devices.
  • New look and intuitive design provides an easy way to find what you are looking for - like detailed imports and export statistics in goods and services. Find them quickly and save the search for future re-use.
  • Single sign-on: Use selected providers of single sign-on to login to Comtrade There is no need to create a new account/password.
  • Subscribers receive technical support upon request.
For Librarians
The Premium access service subscription, which is based on IP recognition, allows individual members of your institution to have automatic access with full functionalities including downloading of data.
  • Each user is recognized by IP Address, which enables automatic access.
  • Each user can still have all the personalization features of individual users (by specifying an e-mail address), including batch submission, customized groups, alert notification, etc.
  • The Master user can create sub-users with username and password if access to UN Comtrade is required from outside the defined IP addresses.
  • The IP users can make use of the organizational favorites, saved queries and download format set by the Master Account.
  • Unlimited Download. For specific projects millions of records can easily be downloaded.
  • You can submit any number of IP addresses. The system can handle many simultaneous users at the same time.
  • Monthly reports on organizational usage statistics are provided
Visit and explore the new Comtrade today!
Renouf Can Provide Trial Access Periods and Consortia Discount Pricing
The UN Comtrade Premium access subscription is based on IP recognition and is available to universities, organizations and companies. Renouf is in a position to offer a consortia discount to qualifying institutions and would be pleased to provide you with a quote or establish a free trial access period for your library. Email Us.
UN Comtrade Premium Subscription Package Prices
Renouf operates a North American consortia and is currently in a position to offer a 8% discount to subscribers to UN COMTRADE's Premium Pro subscription package. We are looking to add new subscribers so that we can reach the next grid level, where we will be able to provide all of our members a larger discount.
UN COMTRADE 2024 Premium Subscription Packages in U.S. Currency
(Canadian dollar prices are available upon request.)
The prices are for unlimited users and unlimited downloads.
Academic and Non-Profit $6,000.00 Renouf Price $5,600.00
For Profit $12,000.00 Renouf Price $10,800.00